Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Generic Zyprexa

I have been handling the higher dose of Zyprexa, 7.5mg, so much better than I have in the past. I am not as sleepy or flat or tired or even hungry. And I wonder if it is because I am on a new generic. They can vary quite a bit in their potency, up to 20% either way. Perhaps this one is not as strong. At least that is my theory. I hope they don't change generics on me again anytime soon.

The Zyprexa has helped my anxiety and agitation to the point that I am totally off of klonopin. That is a really good thing. I didn't realize how much it was affecting me, even those little bits I was taking. I still feel anxious, it is not like I don't, but I can stand it. I don't have to leave work or crawl into bed or take klonopin.

I am determined not to take anymore klonopin, but I also cannot imagine life without a prn med- which seems really pathetic to say. But having been out of control manic- there was a time I wouldn't go anywhere without klonopin in my purse. Just in case. I guess instead of klonopin I could use a little extra zyprexa if it came down to it.

The Zyprexa has helped my depression but not knocked it out- but I wouldn't expect it to. It is life. I have a lot going on. And it hasn't gotten me off of ambien either as I had hoped. At least not yet.

A part of me is still not okay with the Zyprexa increase- but I am okay with it for now. Maybe if I get to a place where I am getting a lot of regular exercise and have a lot of good things in my life I could take less- but not now. It will have to be. I will get fired if I can't get my notes done again. Curiously I am better with my paperwork on more Zyprexa.

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Unknown said...

When my brother was arrested and it was horrible I was shocked when I did not have a mood episode. I had to go on a PRN for sleep but I did not get depressed or wind up in danger. I was monitored closely and I think I increased my therapy for a bit but it was like my body knew this was external. I was really surprised.

I have no idea how I will handle this when the next step comes along but I had no idea I could handle anything without bipolar interfering. It made me feel more normal.