Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day #2

OK, I wimped out. I made the mistake of watching TV news this morning, and of course they always have to play everything up. Dire warnings, don't go out unless you have to. Pictures of cars on the side of the road and accidents.

So when I called in to say I'd be late, and they told me that my first patient had cancelled, I decided I wasn't going in. Not for two patients, who might not even show up. So I gave word to cancel them, and I'm staying home. Thank God for the great office staff who actually made it in on time.

But it really doesn't look too terrible outside. Not good, but not a blizzard either. I've driven in worse. Why did I get all scaredy-cat now? Because I had many years of not driving while living in cities, I just went back to driving this past April. And I haven't done any winter driving in almost 10 years.

When I think about all the meds I was taking 10 years ago, I probably shouldn't have been driving at times- although I was very careful not to take certain meds before I drove. And then there was my manic driving, when I could not stay within the speed limit. I got 3 speeding tickets. Of course lots of people speed without the excuse of mania.

Now I am a much better driver, and much more comfortable driving. And not manic, and not taking any benzodiazapines. And I have a great little car, a Honda Civic, which I am leasing. I wouldn't want anything smaller, living in the northeast where I have to deal with snow occasionally.

So how to enjoy my snow day? I'm definately putting on my boots and getting outside. Maybe I'll walk to the chinese restaurant for lunch. And I'm going to study. I really have to study.

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