Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day

Today we had snow. I've lived in upstate NY, and life there just goes on, but here people aren't so used to it. I saw all of 3 patients today, and some therapists saw less. Yes, I work in outpatient, where patients have the option of coming. The inpatient therapists had a full caseload.

It was a fun day at work, very laid back. A lot of joking and playing around. A lot of catching up on some paperwork that really needed attending to. Plus were were told to call tomorrow's patients to reschedule or cancel therm- but 3 of mine are still coming in.

Tomorrow may be worse. The snow is supposed to continue all night, and the temperature is supposed to drop- the roads will probably freeze. But I have every intention of going in to work tomorrow. I don't want to take another PTO day for a snow day. I have 3 patients to treat, and paperwork to do. But I'm going in a little late, after my parking lot has been plowed and the roads are cleared.

I wonder if we jumped the gun with cancelling tomorrow's patients. Maybe it won't be so bad. Or maybe it will. Weather is just not an exact science.

So tonight I'm relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate and watching the olympics. The wind is picking up outside, and it gives me a cozy feeling to listen to it, dry and warm. I haven't been saying this a lot in recent months- but sometimes life is good. If only for a moment. What is life but moments?

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