Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My birthday gift

I was in a good mood today. I did not feel physically exhausted, light headed, etc. No joints or muscles hurt. I did not have a headache or stomach ache.

My mind felt good, my body felt good, and I had energy. What more could one ask for? It was a gift.

And I broke all the rules, at least in terms of eating things I would think I shouldn't eat, like sugar and wheat and dairy. I still feel good.

I'm 46. There were years I never thought I would make it this long. I wonder if I will live as long as my grandmothers. Then I'm really at midlife. I would have 46 more years. But I don't if I will live that long. They didn't take all these meds.

But I am kind of glad I made it to 46. Although a few days ago, I wouldn't have been so glad. I was going through a rough patch. Today is a good day.

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