Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miserable Day

Totally miserable day, I feel like I am just screaming inside- not even my normal depression.

I know I am stressed, and with having to take off work to do a couple of things, and now to go to the funeral, no time to get caught up at work, which is what I desperately need to do. Is that all that is causing this? It seems like it has to be more than that, but I can't think what.

I actually took half a zyprexa at work today, and it didn't even knock me out- which shows how bad I was feeling.

Tonight, though, I'm not going to get much sleep. I stayed as long as I could stand it at work to do paperwork, and I have to leave super early in the morning to get to the airport. And I can't just come home and fall asleep.

Someday, I tell myself, life will be better. Somehow. For now, it doesn't matter how I feel. I just have to keep going. What is the alternative?

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