Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hello Vraylar, goodbye Vraylar

I tried it, it didn't work for me. Maybe I had given it more time- but I am in a place where I cannot afford to get worse before I get better. I really cannot get worse.

So I am going back to my old standby, raising the Zyprexa. And hoping that I will eventually stop feeling sleepy and out of it- maybe that part will not be so bad now that I am on the CPAP machine. It is one thing that it makes me hungry and raises my cholesterol. It is another to not feel good because I feel out of it. No, that is not true. If I truly felt good I would want a long life, and then I would care more about the physical side effects too.

Anyway, so far it seems to be making life more bearable, each minute isn't such complete agony.

Politics is affecting my thinking too. Obamacare is probably toast with Trump in the White House. That means there will probably be no way for anyone with a pre-existing condition to get health insurance except through a job. So there is no way for me to work part time, etc. I need to keep my job and work full time.

I cannot believe that he won, on so many levels. But mostly because the polls were so wrong. I went to bed early because it seemed like it would be a long night- but expecting her to eventually win. And woke up and I was shocked.

It's not like I was a big Hillary fan. But the lesser of two evils- that was what I thought. And at least she admits the climate change is real and caused by humans. That is probably my biggest issue. Climate change. I have nieces. I think the biggest thing that future generations will care about is how much of a habitable planet we have left them. Everything else is secondary.

I know that the Paris agreement wasn't enough- but it was a start. If Trump gets rid of that we have no start. And the CO2 levels keep rising. It's not like we can just decide at some future date to stop burning fossil fuels and they will suddenly come down. Not in time frames meaningful to human beings.

I'm basically a doomer, and Trump's election only strengthens my position. No wonder I'm depressed. Although that is a different kind of depression than the one I have had the past couple of weeks. I have sort of my chronic depression and then my depressions when I am sure that my brain is broken. When it is on fire.

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