Sunday, March 11, 2012

Having Some Much Needed Down Time

I am not doing much this weekend. I need to do laundry, hopefully that will happen. And maybe I'll actually do my taxes. But really, I have been taking it easy. I have needed this. Last weekend I was out of town, very busy all week. I am someone who needs a lot of down time, I have learned that about myself. I think that it really contributed to this depression- travelling so much over the holidays, being so busy. Plus the seasonal thing, despite the light therapy, winters are never easy. And being so busy I just got more behind at work, so more stress. There were a lot of things contributing to this.

2 nights back to 5mg of Zyprexa, where I was before all of this started. And I seem fine with it mood-wise, but sleeping is not good. But I am being stubborn- I had been taking ambien on a regular basis, something I stopped on the higher dosages of Zyprex. I would really like to not go back on it, so I am going to hold out for a little while longer. Spring is a really bad time for me to try to go off of a sleeping medication, but I am trying anyway.

Next weekend I am out of town again. My niece is getting baptized. So I get to see her again!

There are some good things in my life. Along with some not so good things! But you know, meds will not make those bad things go away. I just have to deal with them.

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