Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sometimes I wish I was an alcoholic

I guess I should explain that one.

If you are an alcoholic, the cure is simple. Don't drink. I don't mean that it is easy. It can be very difficult, but the principle is simple- don't drink. Plus, there are AA meetings on every night of the week in lots of towns.

With depression, it is far from simple what I have to do to be recovered. And depression groups are hard to find. And I'm sure the AA crowd is a lot more fun!

I think alcoholics have better words to use, too. They go for rehabilitation, not to mental hospitals for "stabilization." They are "in recovery." And what the hell is stabilization, anyway? Why would I ever want to be stabilized, especially when I am severely depressed? I want change. I want growth. I want something different than what is.

Alcoholics go for treatment to get off of alcohol. Depressed people go for treatment to go on medication. And when we want to go off our meds, it is not considered part of our recovery.

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