Sunday, November 18, 2012

Going too fast to slow down

I got pulled over for speeding on my way to a massage. Pretty ironic, really. It was on the road where I really have to watch my speed- because I am turning off of a 50mph road onto local 25mpr roads. If I don't watch my speed, I am going too fast. I wasn't watching my speed. I wasn't being mindful. I was going too fast.

The police officer was very sweet. And very young- I felt old! He gave me a ticket for a technical offence instead, so I am very grateful. It is too bad that driving turns civilians and cops into adversaries.

But it was a lesson in the importance of mindfulness. I could have spared myself the experience if I had been paying more attention.

I made it to my massage with a couple of minutes to spare. I'd like to say that the massage was wonderful- they used to be. But recently she has been going a lot deeper, and it isn't always as pleasant. Afterwards my body feels great, and the normal tension that I carry in my neck and shoulders just isn't there. But the experience isn't as nice.

Which makes me wonder what the purpose of a massage is, or should be. I have had so much tension in my neck and shoulders recently that I wanted her to go deep- it worked. But I do miss the sheer pleasure that I used to get. I have scheduled one again towards the end of December. I'll see what I am feeling like getting then.

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