Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back at work- post Hurricane

I am back at work- I went back right after Hurricane Sandy. Perfect timing? I was scheduled to go back on a Wednesday, as I did not want to work a full week my first week back- and we were closed on Monday and Tuesday, opened again Wednesday.

Going back to work has been both harder and easier than I had feared. I think the worst part was facing up to how impaired I was right before I stopped working. Plus, I have this tension- I keep waiting to feel the overwhelmed, severe depression that I was feeling for the past few months at work. So far, it hasn't come back. But I find myself expecting it. But I am working with my therapist to not let things get so bad again before I do something. I let things go too long, trying to hang on.

Personally, I was out of power for a week. No electricity, no water, no heat. I managed, because there were other places that did have power. I could take a shower at my gym. Charge my phone at work. Etc. And I have a warm sleeping bag and hand crank radio! But I was very relieved when my power came back. Everything was so effortful when I had no power. it wore me out.

I kind of see this as a preview of peak oil. Or Mad Max! Someone pulled a gun at our local gas station! And at one point, all the gas stations in our town were closed or out of gas. Fortunately, I had topped off my tank before the storm- and felt pretty silly doing it- but I am so glad. I haven't had to buy gas yet. I think I will today. The gas situation is much better now, I think most of the stations are now open.

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