Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Good Day to Watch CNN

An exciting news day. The rebels have entered the capital of Libya, it is happening faster than anyone expected. The TV is full of images of people celebrating in the streets. Joyous voices and faces.

I hope that there is a little bit more freedom coming to the middle east. I think America's star is waning, I am actually quite pessimistic about our long term future. But I hope that the freedom that has for so long been represented and protected by America will be found in other countries, whatever happens here.

Before watching CNN I was watching CSPAN, and Mark Steyn talk about the coming economic collapse of America. He was preaching to the converted- I have believed this for some time. But I don't know what to do about it.

Democracy has been a great experiment- but what happens when the electorate realizes that they can vote themselves more government benefits than they pay taxes for? What happens when our president tells us that we can go to war and not raise taxes to pay for it? We must not be teaching math is school anymore.

But I digress. The scenes in Libya are wonderful. I hope the joy is not momentary and fleeting, but that some of it can last through the hard process of trying to create a functioning government.

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