Sunday, August 14, 2011

Forever Meds?

How many of my meds are forever meds? If I listened to my psychiatrists, it would be everything, and I'd never come off of anything. I would just keep adding or raising at each new crisis, and never reduce. No doctor has ever tried to get me off of anything except klonopin.

But I have successfully taken myself off of a couple of things, and reduced some other dosages. And then, sometimes I haven't been able to. Maybe I didn't go slowly enough, or maybe I really need it right then.

But after going on the Abilify for a short period, I am ready to go off of it. I am better. My life is better. And I don't want my brain to get too used to it so that I will start needing it, and then withdrawal will be harder. But I am going off of it slowly. And I know that it is there if I need it again. Which I probably will, someday. I hope not someday anytime soon. But I know that Abilify really works for my depression, and fast.

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