Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why Bother to Watch the News?

People are talking about gas prices. Politicians, pundits, newscasters are all talking about it. And no one in the main stream media is mentioning peak oil. Isn't anyone even thinking it?

Yes, there is the conflict with Iran. Yes, there are a couple of refineries that are off-line. Yes, we have a lot of wall-street speculators. But even without this- did we think we would have cheap oil forever?

Whether we have truly reached peak oil in terms of production- it is still a matter of debate, but we are close if we are not there yet. But in terms of per capital demand, we passed it a while ago- and the population is only increasing. And the developing world is, well, developing- and expects to live a more energy intensive lifestyle.

Why won't anyone talk about the bigger picture?

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