Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I hate having to wonder that, to analyze myself.

I typically get a little hypomanic in the spring, at least for a few days. It passes, usually without doing to much about it- maybe a couple of days of extra sleep meds or zyprexa. But the past two years, I haven't even had that hypomania.

Sometimes hypomania is pleasant, and sometimes it turns very unpleasant- irritable, etc. So it is hard to say if I miss it. I miss the nice hypomania I guess.

Tonight I slept for 3 hours, and then I woke up. And now I am awake, and I don't even want to get back to sleep. I actually washed a few dishes, went through some papers, but mostly watched the TV news coverage of the primaries. I have to stop doing that.

I ate lunch in my car today, sitting in the sun. Is that enough to set me off? Or maybe it is just one sleepless night. I don't feel too racy. I just don't want to sleep. But I feel like I "should" be sleeping, like if I don't I will pay for it tomorrow. So I will give it another try for a couple of hours. I have to get up soon anyway.

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