Sunday, August 10, 2014

A good weekend

My mom and I went to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and niece this weekend. It was great. In my recent visits I really haven't felt that great- I felt better this time. Maybe the med changes are good.

Or maybe it was the good news. They are having another baby. Yea! Niece does not not yet- it will be a shock. She is so used to being the focus of their attention. But I hope she will step up to the role of the big sister.

All of which made me think of moving closer. As I often do, I looked at the job ads on the two websites for hand therapists- and saw an ad for a job at a neighboring city. It is at a very prestigious hospital and hand center, and might even involve work with the hand transplantation team.

And I don't know. Is that just too much pressure? Or is that what I need? I don't know. Sometimes I want more of a challenge. But not yet. I need to get my meds settled first- then maybe figure it out. Plus, my pension- what little of it there is before they froze it- isn't vested for another year. Maybe another 14 months, because I took 8 weeks off for disability. So it is too soon to be going anywhere.

And I couldn't quit now anyway- I think we might be losing one of our therapists who just had a baby. If I left now- I couldn't do that to my boss. But I am not ready to leave. If I even want to leave. I don't know. I have it pretty good where I am now.

I just know that I have a very delightful niece. And I have an amazing brother who came out shockingly normal in some ways. I think that marriage and fatherhood have been good for him.

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