Sunday, August 3, 2014

If I could handle today without klonopin, I should have it made!

I spent the day with my mom here, and it has been stressful. I am not sure this visit was a good idea. I feel like she sucks the air out of the room- but I know that I am just very sensitive to her. Plus this apartment is way too small for company. I can get any distance.

But, I managed the day without klonopin. I can't say I didn't have a minute or two when I thought about it, but it really didn't get so bad that I felt that I had to have it, so I didn't.

I am still taking my quarter of a milligram at night to help with sleep in addition to the ambien. That is next on my list- after the Effexor. To get off of that. But not too many changes at once.

Tomorrow it is back to work, and we are meeting with some kind of efficiency expert tomorrow. The word is that the higher ups want us to see more patients per hour. But the irony is- that doesn't mean that we will make more money- because we see a lot of Medicare patients and Medicare doesn't let you double bill- if you are seeing multiple patients and one of them is a medicare patient, you have to split the billable time between them. So if I were seeing three patients per hour instead of two, it would be even more likely that one of my patients that hour would be a Medicare patient, and I would have to splint the billable minutes three ways instead of two.

I have treated three patients an hour before- it is doable in hand therapy- except for some of the really complex patients- but the billing becomes really complicated. I really hope we don't go that route. It is also going to make our patients unhappy. We are really able to give a lot of personalized attention right now. And the paperwork will be worse- and I can't imagine that they will give us more non-patient care time to do notes.

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