Monday, July 29, 2013

Good yoga class today

My yoga class kicked my butt today. It was good, even though I didn't want to to go. The best thing about it was I think I am getting better. It is my 4th class, and I am already feeling more flexible and maybe a little stronger. But not a lot stronger, because I am really feeling my quads tonight! It is good to feel something getting better about my body.

That is the thing about exercise. You don't always want to do it. You just do it. When I am depressed, this feels pretty impossible, to make myself go. When I am not depressed, it becomes in the realm of the possible. Even if I don't want to go. I am glad I did.

I am worried, because I am going to have to miss the next two classes do to social plans and then a dentist appointment. That is too long to miss. Will I start to lose my flexibility? Will I get out of the groove and stop going? I just might have to take a more advanced class over the weekend, because that is all that is offered when I can go. I am in no way ready for more advanced, but I might do it anyway.

I know yoga is not enough, I will have to start adding more things. But for now, it is enough. It is my starting point. I have done so little for so long, other than the occasional walk or hike.

I am also loving my new Kindle. Yes, the screen size is a little small. But I am okay with it- it seems so large compared to my iphone, and I read the New York Times on that. I am in the midst of reading a sci fi book that I can't put down, "Shift," but I have already downloaded 6 other books! Amazon is making money on me already with my kindle.

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