Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It never ends...

Just when I had decided- just today- that I was going to spring for a plane ticket to go visit my dad in Florida... I come home to find I have a bill from the state for $600 in taxes ($100 of which is interest). Only I am pretty sure they are wrong. They don't even list my state withholding correctly, and they state that I have already received a refund. Which I haven't. I am started to wonder about identity theft, and if someone else filled for my refund. I was due almost $500.

So I have to take a day or at least a half day off of work and go to one of the state taxation offices and hope that they can help me out. I really don't know how to fix this and what the procedure is.

Someone doesn't want me to have money.


Steve Finnell said...


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Unknown said...

Did you get this worked out? I know there has been a lot of tax fraud this year. I'm fortunate that nobody would want mine; I have to file because I owe social security and Medicare for the gift cards I earn penny by penny through a marketing site. But in the past this would have really, really upset me.


Jean Grey said...

I am really glad that I went to the tax office- it may be not what I thought it was but rather an error on a tax return several years ago that finally caught up with me. So I do owe the money- the bad news- but I don't think it was identity theft- the good news.

Unknown said...

Glad it isn't identify theft. That is such a huge pain. A few years ago someone somehow used my credit card to try to buy an industrial meat grinder. I had to cancel all my cards and get new ones and put watches on the credit reports and it was overall so much work and so frustrating. Thank God I didn't have enough credit limit to pay for the industrial meat grinder so I didn't have the hassle of contesting the charge along with everything else. I still have one card that they make me show ID every time I use it since that happened.