Sunday, February 1, 2015


I was very tired and sleepy today- but every time I lay down to try to nap I would be wide awake. So I finally gave in and went into work to do a couple of hours of notes- but had to take some home. My brain stopped working! I have a deadline to get all of my charts up to date by tomorrow.

I am under pressure because of my paperwork. I am trying to come to grips with needed the major dental surgery- and feeling really bad about not taking better care of my teeth. Although- the fact that they are front teeth- I have a dry mouth anyway from my meds and I am a mouth breather when I sleep- that probably didn't help. And now my income tax filing has been rejected, possibly due to a Turbotax glitch.

I did my taxes yesterday because I got my W2 and health savings account forms. I use Turbotax. It was a little dramatic- they giving you a running estimate of your tax refund- and at one point they were saying my state refund was $3400 something, and I knew that this couldn't be true- maybe my W2 was wrong was all I could think and would they catch me if I submitted it... and then the next moment I owed $5500 something, and I really freaked out. How am I going to pay for that? I needed my refund for the dentist? But finally it settled down to $520, which is just about what it was last year. And my federal was $1900. Well, I know how I am spending it.

I e-filed my federal and state. But today I got messages that my returns had been rejected- with a specific error message that actually isn't very specific. It turns out that this is happening to a lot of Turbotax filings this year- something about the way they are formatting their W2's I think. They say that there is a fix- but I had already re-submitted my returns, which is what Turbotax had first told me to do.  I think that I am going to get rejected again. And I needed that money ASAP.

I did learn something interesting from Turbotax while doing my state return. I always wondered why my state wages were so much higher than my federal wages. My state only lets you deduct contributions to a 401K, no other types of retirement accounts qualify. I work for a non-profit, so I have a 403B. So I don't qualify and that income is taxed by the state. Because I work for a non-profit I pay more taxes. How is that fair?

I should probably write to my state representative. Not that my state has the financial means to be increasing tax deductions for anyone, fair or unfair.

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