Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why do I watch it?

I was binge-watching "Helix" on the SyFi channel today. And I wondered why. There is enough violence and bad things in the world- it even comes straight to my phone through AP alerts. So why watch more bad things on TV? Why not happy things?

But I like Helix, even if the second season isn't anywhere near as good as the first season was. That was mind-blowing good. This is just passable. But still, I watched three episodes today- and interestingly I saw a study today that said people who binge watch 3 or more hours of TV shows are lonelier than people who don't, so binge-watching TV cannot be seen as harmless. Well, that is funny, maybe lonely people just have the time to binge-watch TV. Who does these studies? And who funds them? Why can't we give that money to people trying to make better battery technology or alternative energy sources or geo-engineering?

So I thought I'd try some light reading- instead of my normal dystopian sci-fi or global warming stuff. No wonder I am depressed! And I decided upon "Fifty Shades of Gray." And I really wanted to like it. I just didn't- or at least what I have read of it. But maybe that is okay. It was a distraction. A sexy distraction. Just a bad story.

The first few pages were so badly written I almost couldn't keep reading, they were really bad. The whole story doesn't make much sense to me. How is it that by the age of 21 she has never even been interested in another man or had a sexual impulse- and then it is full throttle? And why does he like her so much? I don't get it.

I'm still in the middle. But where I am, I keep hoping she will just say no to him. Sex is good, even kinky sex- but I don't get this domination thing. Why would you even let another person punish you physically? We don't even do that to children anymore. And then I want her to say no because I am a dreamer and want to believe that the rich and powerful man isn't the alpha male who will always get the girl and the rest of us have value too. That Cinderella doesn't need a Prince Charming.

So it is kind of a Cinderella story in a way- only with a really messed up Prince Charming. I know that this came from Twilight fan fiction- so there was a limit as to what they could do with the plot- but I would have liked the story better if it started with her saving his life from some accident or health event- something to put them more on an equal footing. Even if not sexually. And that might have better explained his attraction to her. Her heroism- dragging him out of a burning car, etc.

I guess I will have to write my own book!

I will have to get back in the dating world. But after my dental surgery. I am waiting until after that and it may be a while if I have a temporary denture before the permanent one while the implant studs are healing. If I have to use something that I can't eat with - I am guessing that I can't kiss with them either (they are my lower front teeth). So no dates for a while. The surgery isn't even scheduled.

I found myself wondering today if, to get a date, I would have to color my hair. The gray at my temples is pretty significant. I don't wear my hair back because of it, unless I am exercising or hiking. I had beeing this vain. But not ready to make the commitment to color. Is there a way to just color your temples?

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