Sunday, January 5, 2014

Depression again, very predictably

I didn't do anything this weekend. I am having such a hard time establishing any kind of routine or getting any kind of a life outside of work. It is particularly obvious on weekends, and this weekend I was particularly bad as I hadn't even gone in to work on Friday.

It didn't bother me until today about mid morning, when suddenly it did. And now I can't stand it. (I know, I'm not supposed to say that). 

With the winter, I really let go of what little I was doing outside of work. I have to change that. Easier said than done. I have had so little energy. But I need something in my life other than work. And, even the introvert that I am, I need more people in my life.


Anonymous said...

I know you're on mega-dose Effexor. Have you ever tried adding some more (low dose) of another antidepressant? That's helped me before with the feeling of being too depressed to function. I don't think it ever worked for too long without throwing me into mania though but that's me; any antidepressant that isn't sedating tends to do that unless countered with a lot of sedation (Emsam). They even tried adding Sinequan to Emsam last hospitalization but it didn't help and when Dr. Brain was on call she stopped it because it made her nervous with my history.

I want to say I used a tricyclic with something else, but I don't know what now.

Jean Grey said...

I tried adding Remeron a long time ago but it was too sedating at any dose. And adding wellbutrin just made me irritable and agitated. I haven't tried adding anything else. I think my current doctor is more in favor of switching than adding, but I'm kind of scared of doing that.