Sunday, September 21, 2014

Global stilling?

I read about a new threat to the environment today, global stilling. Apparently global warming is warming the poles faster than the equator, with the result being less wind in our future. This could affect insects, according to the article. I wonder how significant an effect it really is- probably not much yet. But what does this say for a future of wind energy? How much will it affect that?

I was reading an article today about a scientist who was predicting that we will discover life on other planets by the end of the century, and as always I thought that he was crazy and in need of a lesson in relativity. Because of the limit of the speed of light- and the unpleasant things that start to happen when you even get remotely towards that limit- we will never contact other civilizations. But then I started to think, maybe there is another reason. Maybe because by the time a species gets close to serious space travel, it has burned out its planet and gone extinct. And it might not be the greenhouse effect that gets them- all life doesn't have to be carbon based. Maybe global stilling gets them. Or some kind of effect that we can't even imagine.

I am feeling okay on the decreased lithium- just a little anxious but so far it is manageable. I haven't napped at all today, which is usually what I do a lot of on weekends. And I did two loads of laundry. Still, tonight I will go up to 750mg.

Tomorrow I am going to yoga after work tomorrow- something I haven't done in a long time. I will have an hour- or maybe even two because I am working inpatient- to kill before yoga, and I need to stop myself from going home. So I am going to the Verizon store to look at the new iphone 6. I don't think I am going to buy anything- but to look. My phone is the 4, and maybe 4 years old (ancient in the world of smart phones), but it still works. Besides the frugal aspect of me- there is the environmental part of me that says I should not upgrade my phone until this one falls apart. Although from what I have read, that may be what happens if I upgrade to the new operating system on my current phone. Planned obsolescence.

Let's face it, I do want a new phone. I just don't want to pay for one.

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