Monday, September 22, 2014

Hard to sleep last night- dragged all day

I don't know if it has anything to do with the lithium. But I am going back to 900mg, because I felt just as numb and out of it today. And I just don't want to think about meds for a while. I just want things to be set, and deal with what is. If I hadn't dropped a lithium that night, I wouldn't even be in this situation. My lithium level is not that high anyway, I'm not even in the therapeutic zone.

At work I did inpatient coverage today. The last place I did inpatient was a level 1 trauma hospital so I had a wide variety of patients. This is just a community hospital. Yes, we do get some hip fractures and joint replacements- but most of the patients are there because the are old. It really hit me today that if you are not doing pediatrics and you work in a hospital, you are doing geriatrics. In graduate school I did a subspecialty in older adults with my OT degree. But I wonder if it should be subspecialty- maybe it should be the norm.

The nice thing about outpatient is that I don't have to worry about discharge planning. Like the patient I saw today with a fracture who needs to go to rehab. But she is a caretaker, so she wants to go home. Or the older gentleman who has a little bit of cognitive decline and is probably a little bit of a fall risk but is at baseline- but if we sent everyone who is a fall risk to rehab then all of the rehabs would be overflowing.

I actually like doing inpatient- it is giving me a change. I just couldn't see the volume of patients that the regular therapist sees in a day. I'm not that fast. For us coverage therapists, they have lower expectations. I just did eval's today, no treats.

And good news on the iphone front- I may be able to get one for free. They are giving $200 rebates if you turn in your old iphone (and if it works). I think they will even take the iphone 4. That would be the price of an iphone 6 with Verizon. So I think I will get a new phone sooner than planned.

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Unknown said...

I hope the trade-in phone works for you. My sister and BIL got their phones all fixed up (cracked glass) and took them to Verizon and then weren't offered enough. However my BIL is extemely hard on phones (he destroyed an Otterbox which I understand is a pretty impressive accomplishment) and my sister's phone was quite old. So I got an iPhone 4 32 GB for a very low cost and as long as it lasts 5 months I will break even if I need to switch from straight talk (Walmart's pre-pay awesomely priced deal) to a contract with Verizon. I'm so excited about my "new" phone as my old one wasn't holding a charge anymore, had a teeny screen and locked up when I tried to take pictures. I also was going to have to buy a new iPod because mine is full (old one without a lot of memory) and this takes care of both needs together.

The iphone 6 is REALLY nice. The pictures my sister was taking with it the other day were as nice as my camera and the screen size is great but the phone is still not overly bulky; it still fits in a pocket easily. Both of them were really loving the new phones and couldn't stop playing with them.