Sunday, September 14, 2014

Good days

I have had a string of good days- which included two days at a continuing education course (it was really good, practice-changing), and two days at my brother's visiting with him, my niece and sister-in-law.

I felt more mindful, in-the-moment, than I have in a long time. My mind wasn't wandering. I was there. Although sometimes I thought I felt numb- still, I am not going to revisit changing my meds right now. I just need some peace.

I did have the sense, though, the past few days, that I felt grateful for these days, and glad to be alive for these days. Perhaps this is just a gift to prepare me for what is likely to be a very difficult week at work next week for a number of reasons- including being down a staff person until a replacement is found and rumors of a Medicare audit.

Meanwhile, my grandmother fell over the weekend and broke her wrist. The took her to the ER where she had an x-ray and was casted, she will follow up with an orthopedist next week. I wish I could be there. I asked my mom, was it just the radius that was fractured? Was it displaced? She didn't know, only that it was a wrist fracture.

Unfortunately, my grandmother already wants her cast off.

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