Saturday, September 6, 2014

The joys of reading

I spent the day reading. Last weekend I read the first book in a sci-fi trilogy, "Annihilation," which was really good. I then download the next installment, "Authority," which I haven't liked as much- but which kept the mystery going- I was hooked. So now I have downloaded the final book, "Acceptance." It is really good. I am 80% through (no page numbers on a kindle), but I think I have to go to bed.

It's funny- I have no idea how long these books are on the kindle. I think the last book is the longest, but that is just my feel. It doesn't tell you page numbers, just what percent you have read. And I think that it is taking me longer to read the last book, so it must be longer. Maybe the book description tells you the number of pages, or probably there is a word count feature somewhere so I could compare books based on the number of words.

But it was a good day. Not a productive day, but a good day. I am a binge-reader when it comes to fiction, I confess. I really shouldn't let myself start reading something unless I have nothing else to do. Non-fiction, or really boring fiction, I can discipline myself with- read bits of it at a time. But with good fiction- I just have to keep reading. I just want to know what will happen next. How the story will play out.

There is a part of me that wants to be a science fiction writer. But I really don't have any interesting stories to tell. Just ideas about our future to explore- and ideas without a story make for bad reading. So I am not not cut out to be a fiction writer. The only stories I write these day are why my patient needs occupational therapy treatment.

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