Monday, September 29, 2014

The very worst thing I did today

Today I had to put the restraints back on an elderly lady with dementia after putting her back to bed. Supposedly she hits people. She didn't hit me. The PT and I had her up to evaluate her- she just wouldn't do anything we wanted her to do. Not her fault, it's just where she was. So we put her back to bed, instead of letting the aides do it, to see her transfers and bed mobility. And then we had to put on the restraints. And leave her- alone- in a hospital room. Although once she had the restraints on she kind of just shut down, like she knew she wasn't going anywhere. She didn't try to fight them at all.

So I guess I have no right to complain that I am having a miserable day. I woke up feeling so depressed I actually thought about calling in sick for a moment. And then I realized- I am getting sick. My throat hurts. My nose is running. I feel feverish. I made it through the day with some aleve, but I am starting to feel worse as the day goes on. I hope I am okay to go into work tomorrow. I really have to see patients. But if I am going to sneeze all over them, of course I am not going to go in.

I almost went to go get a flu shot today- they were giving them at occ health this afternoon. And then I remembered that you can't get one if you are sick.

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