Saturday, January 31, 2015

It is nice when my body is happy

The past two days I have not felt at all feverish, had no exhaustion, and my joints don't hurt. My tiny bit of tennis elbow is still there- but I won't complain.

What I should have asked the periodontist is if periodontal disease can cause fevers.

I have been better about not eating bad things recently, but not perfect. I really can't say why things are better. I suppose my body has also gotten used to the new brand of Effexor- no more tingling and light-headedness.

At one time I was sure I had lupus- but the blood work said no. That is the problem with working in healthcare- you can think of all of these possibilities. And I did once have what looked like the lupus butterfly rash- but it was only on one side of my face, and my doctor didn't know what it was. She gave me antibiotics and a steroid cream. It went away.

I wonder how long this will last- my body will be good. And I wonder if it is worth going back to the doctor next time it doesn't. The problem is, I generally feel so exhausted when it happens that I can barely manage work- trying to get to the doctor- for blood work that I suspect will be negative anyway- it just doesn't happen.

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