Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doing better than in a very long time

I am scared of making any med changes, even though I have a few things I'd like to be on less of. Backing off of the Zonegran was bad news, since I have gone back up I feel great again. I just need to let things ride for a little bit- which I would do, if I didn't have this issue of paying for my Provigil. Now I am need to try to cut my dose, I think. And then I think I should do that in conjunction with trying to cut the Zyprexa, with makes me sleepy (maybe less Zyprexa, need less provigil). But then it gets complected again. I thought I had just figured my meds out. I hate my insurance company. You have no idea.

I still have 2 months of meds, so no decision to make just yet. And maybe the price will fall a little more in two months.

Meanwhile, I am very sore from Pilates class. I am sure I will be more sore tomorrow. I can't really decide how I feel about the class. But it really works me hard, where I need it. I like doing planks! Who would have guessed?

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Just Me said... has Provigil 200 mg at $36 something per tab. I don't know your dose or your cost but Xubex is supposed to be a discount provider. I haven't used them because I prefer another program that doesn't include Provigil but it might do something.

Discount cards from Needy Meds and National Children Cancer Foundation (both can be googled and a card printed) have given me substantial discounts.

I know how that sucks. I can't believe I used to pay $300-$400/month out of pocket for Nuvigil. Now meds that cost much less stress me out if I don't get them free but those programs do help.