Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good news but no answers... maybe gluten?

I got the results of my hand x-ray, at least what the doctor's assistant told me over the phone. I have no arthritis in my hand, everything is normal. I am very relieved.

However, that leaves me no closer to the source of my joint pain. They offered to refer me to a hand surgeon, but I said no. I really think that if there is something going on, it is more likely to be systemic or rheumatological than a simple orthopedic issue. If the x-rays were fine, a hand surgeon can't help me. I just don't want this to get worse.

I have to figure out if there is a chance that this could still be related to hemochromatosis- and see if I can't get a blood test at my next doctor's appointment just to totally rule that out. In the meantime, I am going to seriously go gluten free. I keep saying I am going to try it, but I don't.

I tested negative for celiac, but it seems you can still have trouble with gluten- and I have nothing to lose.

Meanwhile, I had a good appointment with my psychiatrist. I like him. Even though things aren't perfect, he decided to do nothing with my meds (just resume light therapy). Which was the right decision. What I didn't tell him was that at my next vacation I will probably try to cut back on the Zyprexa again, but that can wait. And meanwhile he gave me a prescription for Nuvigil which is currently still cheaper than the Provigil I take (because I take 2 pills), but I am really hoping that the price for generic Provigil falls fast. Now that my international supplier has become unreliable, I am really worried about "financing my drug habit" as my insurance company has decided that this is one drug that they will not pay for. And it is a very important one for me.

Tomorrow: Pilates after work. Am I up for it? I'd better be. I'm signed up.

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