Thursday, August 29, 2013

I found my people

I went to a sci fi book club last night for the first time. It was a far drive, and late on a week night, but I am glad I went. I felt so at ease- these are my people!

I love sci fi, and there aren't a lot of us who do. No, I don't watch reality TV. I'd rather be reading.

It was an accomplishment for me to get myself there. It has really been over 5 years since I was doing anything beyond dragging myself to work, because I was too depressed, etc. Things that didn't seem possible in the past now seem possible. It is not that I don't have to push myself to do things- I do. But it is different.

But tonight I didn't go to the support group I have been wanting to go to. I gave in to being very tired after my late day at work, and came home. I just felt too tired. The truth is, I haven't always enjoyed the support group- there was a much better one when I lived in the city. But I do think I need support and social connections.

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