Saturday, March 29, 2014

A night actually saved by TV

It is no fun home being sick, and then wondering if the sounds that you hear when breathing lying down mean you have pneumonia- even though the doctor listened to my lungs yesterday and declared my lungs clear. Wondering if my voice will ever come back. If I should still go in to work if I sound like this- or how much longer I can call out. Going to the doctor with a URTI is very unsatisfying these days. The last time I lost my voice and went to the doctor I got an antibiotic- and I seem to remember getter better faster. But that was a different doctor. And maybe different germs. And I was 4 years younger

So this weekend I have just been miserable. But on-demand cable came to my rescue. I got got caught up on the Colbert Report and watched 2 episodes of Helix- I am really behind. I almost decided to watch the second Hunger Games movie through pay per view, but decided to leave that for another day. Maybe tomorrow if I don't go to church. I keep saying I am going to go- I need to meet people- and now is the time- except not if I have no voice- it comes and goes throughout the day. And I need to go to the drug store if not a supermarket. And in to work to write a few notes.

Helix is really interesting. It gets weirder and weirder. I have more episodes to catch up on. It is my kind of show.

TV was just about right. I have really been too tired, still feeling to sick, to want to do any serious reading (let alone cleaning). I had thought of going for a walk- it is supposed to be good to get a little exercise when sick- but it rained all day. Being sick has just made me really lazy anyway. I just want to be better already and get back to work and yoga and life.

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