Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sick- I hate being sick

I just got back from my conference, which was great, except that I am sick. The good thing about the conference is that I didn't have to talk much- and as of yesterday I really can't. My throat is killing, I am coughing, and now I can't talk. I got though the conference by living on cough drops- which don't work as well as I thought they would.

I am guessing that I won't be going in to work tomorrow. I really don't want to miss work, I really don't want to stay home. I didn't see patients for 2 days, I have all of these new ideas from the conference, I want to go in. And I don't want to use my PTO.

I think if I didn't work, I wouldn't mind being sick quite so much. I could just say, OK I am sick. It is just another state of being, a temporary thing. It will end. But now I want it to end right now! Or at least before tomorrow morning, when I have to decide to call out or not. I already gave my boss a head's up and told her I might not be in. We are a very small department.

I am supposed to see my primary care doctor Friday for an unrelated matter. But I wonder if I should try to get in tomorrow. They probably won't do anything for me- I don't think they give antibiotics for upper respiratory infections anymore unless you are deathly ill. How can they tell if it is bacterial or viral? I don't know.

I have to admit to feeling proud- going to this meeting this year as a CHT. I wonder how long I have in this profession before the Medicare and other regulations and paperwork get so onerous that I want out. But for now, it is a good feeling.

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Unknown said...

Usually it is considered viral until 7-10 days pass and then it is antibiotic time although I've learned this varies per person (with a good dr.). When I was working every URI became a bad sinus infection because of not being able to take decongestants so I was allowed antibiotics earlier. Now I get them earlier still because of asthma and no decongestants.

I'm sorry you are sick. It is so hard when you are on psych meds anyway; it always seems the side effects feel heavier to me when I am tired and all from illness.