Monday, March 31, 2014

My wishful thinking

I thought I would go into work today. I thought I could get myself situated on a scooter chair and not have to get up. I had a student coming in for the morning who could help me with hot packs and such. I would ask the office staff to send all patients back so I wouldn't have to get up and get them. And I didn't have any patients who needed to be transferred or on the mat today- this could work. Right. Except that I can't stand to sit for more than a couple of minutes.

I am better than yesterday, I really am. I can move around in bed much better- even getting to the edge of the bed isn't as bad. But standing up still feels impossible. I can't stand or sit for any length of time. I can't reach for anything if I have to lean my body the slightest bit.

I have to think before I make any movement. How much is this going to hurt? How can I accomplish this task with the least amount of pain? This is giving me insight into what my patients go through. I will try to see this as a learning experience.

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