Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Does torture work and does that question matter?

There are two separate questions- does torture work, and should we torture. And they may not be all that related. Because if you think torture is wrong- then if even if it works, we shouldn't do it. And if you think torture is a necessary show of force- then it doesn't matter if it works either. Admittedly for some people there is a gray area- it is okay if it works, not okay if it doesn't work.

Today the Obama administration came out with its report on our bad behavior regarding treatment of prisoners. I'm not sure it was necessary. I don't know how much was new, what we learned- and the cost is inflaming the enemy. But it is what it is. I am hardly following the news these day- other than listening to NPR in my car. It is just too depressing and there is nothing to do about it and some of the really serious stuff affecting our future no one talks about or gets really wrong.

It was a really slow work day today- I had a lot of cancels for various reasons- which meant it was a very good paperwork day. But I went home with a stiff, aching neck. And I felt like I had been at work for much longer than I was. I went home brain dead.

I am signed up for a DBT group in my town starting next month that I found on Psychology Today. I am really glad there is something local now- other groups are an hour's drive away- something I don't have the energy to do at the end of a work day.

I am so mad about the changes to my insurance and no out of network benefits next year. I can't believe they would do that. It is really hard for mental health, because so many providers do not take insurance. Psychiatry has the highest rate- 50% of all doctors who do not take insurance. Of course my hospital does have a clinic- and I'm sure they would want me to go there- but I have not heard good things about it. And they have a long waiting list anyway.

I am using the breast surgeon at my hospital- they have a good program. Somehow I thought she would have access to my records from my PCP- because I see one at the hospital. But no, they had to have all my meds faxed over. So much for electronic medical records.

I wonder who I would use for carpal tunnel surgery? I am having more symptoms recently- although today was better. I think I just have to get back to using my braces at night. But sometimes I wake up in the morning and they are off- I must have taken them off during the night.

Once I had a patient who told me that his splint kept falling off. I kept adding straps- until I realized that he must just be taking it off during the night and not remembering. I think that is what I do, especially when I am hot- and my bedroom is hot. My living room is freezing and my bedroom is hot- there is no way to set the thermostat to have a cool bedroom and a living room that I don't need a winter coat in. Sometimes I just give up and open the window.

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