Saturday, December 13, 2014

I guess I just can't drink at all

I'm not much of a drinker, never was. I know that it tends to make me depressed- I learned that early. Believe me, if alcohol was an antidepressant for me, I'd be an alcoholic.  But I do like a good glass of wine every now and then or a good ale. I'm a social drinker, but I'm not very social- so I don't drink very often!

Last night we had our work holiday party and I had a small- very small- glass of white wine. This morning I got up and then couldn't figure out why I was so sleepy and tired after sleeping so long and went back to bed for 3 hours. I'm finally better- but this is the problem with me and alcohol- not what it does to me when at the time, but the after effects the next day. I just don't feel good.

I know that my meds, especially the effexor, delay metabolism of alcohol, so it probably sticks around longer. I can live without alcohol- I just wish I could have the occasional glass of wine. Still- I'd rather give up wine than coffee! Although I am cutting back on the coffee because of heartburn... it sucks to get old. Coffee is my favorite drug, and it really has an antidepressant effect for me.

Now that I am up I am trying to do home things- marathon laundry, some cleaning, etc. I gave up on walking today because it will be dark before I am done with laundry. Maybe I can do some dumbbell exercises at home. And I did my meds/vitamins for the week.

Last week I didn't take my supplements because a lot of them increase bleeding and I have the biopsy on Monday. But I shouldn't have stopped my fiber supplements- my IBS is getting bad again. I started taking them again today, and it seemed to have helped some already I think. It isn't what you would expect- that fiber would help with diarrhea. Meanwhile I am trying to figure out what to eat- I had been able to get away with not following the FODMAPS diet too closely for a while, so I don't have a lot of safe foods in the pantry. I was going to eat broccoli and cauliflower with cheddar cheese for one meal today, but that is probably one of the worst meals I could eat.

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