Monday, December 15, 2014

Had my biopsy, wasn't so bad

The hardest part was being still. There is this table that looks deceivingly like a massage table, only it is bigger and has a hole for your breast to stick through when you lie down on your stomach. Then they can do what they need to do. It was a stereotactic core needle biopsy. Afterwards I had to go next door and get another mammogram to make sure they got the right spot- they leave a metal clip in afterwards so that it will always show up on my mammograms where I have had my biopsy.

Everyone was very nice. But now I just have to wait until Friday. That is when I go for my follow up.

What is nice about this (if you can say that anything is nice about this)- is that it is all paid for. They are all take insurance and are in-network. I have met my in-network deductible, and almost all of my in-network out of pocket maximum. Very different than my mental health care.

Although it isn't just mental health care. We have a neurosurgical group that operates out of our hospital that doesn't take insurance. As of January 1st, we can't even use our hospital insurance towards payment to see them, if we needed that kind of care.

But for the moment I will be glad that my breast care is covered- and hope that Friday I will get the news that I don't needed more care. And not just because of the money.I really hope this was much ado about nothing.

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