Monday, December 1, 2014

I've become a klonopin wimp

When I was first put on klonopin, way back when, I was taking 10mg a day. These days I take a quarter to a half milligram a day. Yesterday turned out to be a really bad day, and I was tired of bad days- and realizing that Zyprexa was not doing it for me. I decided to take klonopin until the screaming inside my head stopped. I think I took all of 1.5mg.

It worked. The screaming stopped. Although I was holding on to furniture to go to the bathroom and realized that I couldn't drive to the nearest store to get food. I was an impaired driver. Eventually I slept. And woke up- feeling okay. Not drugged. But I fully expected a hit of anxiety or panic to hit me today at work as the rebound effect kicked in. Surprisingly, I didn't have any anxiety. Instead, around lunch time, I got very tired and lightheaded. Now, I get that a lot- but this was really bad. Like I knew there was no point in going home sick because I couldn't drive. Like I wondered if I should go to the Emergency Room. And then, magically, it started to lift a couple of hours later. Just in time for my rush of afternoon patients. Still not an easy day, but I didn't collapse.

But I didn't make it to the pharmacy at work to fill my Synthroid. I have been out for 2 days. Not good. They have such limited hours that I have to go during lunch, and during lunch I could barely stand up.

I am still feeling tired and weak and a little light headed, but not anything like I was. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal- physically, at least.

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