Friday, December 19, 2014

Finally some good news

It is benign. I had my follow up appointment with the breast surgeon this morning, and it was benign. I am so relieved. The past couple of days I had started to obsess, and I was actually reading about DCIS- which is what it probably would have been if it wasn't benign. And while my surgeon had said that it wasn't that serious, very easy to treat... they typically do a lumpectomy and radiation for that. Not something I would want.

Today my mood was better- but it has been pretty bad at times recently- but then I had the insight that some of it might be low blood sugar. I need to eat carbs in the morning- sometimes I don't, like yesterday- and I just didn't think I could go on living by noon. And I take 1000mg of metformin twice a day (because of the Zyprexa, not diabetes) and my A1C is 5.1, the lowest it has ever been. I need to have more than a protein shake with 2 grams of carbs for breakfast. But that has been my lazy breakfast recently.

Last night something weird happened. I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling extremely anxious and my heart pounding. I felt fine when I went to sleep. I took a klonopin- a whole half milligram- and went back to sleep. That doesn't usually happen to me. But it had me a little foggy today.

I am watching Syfy's Ascension mini-series on demand. I just finished the second episode. I think it could have been a lot better. I think even the premise could have been a lot better. They keep saying, "Ascension is the lifeboat for humanity." Well, I thought that perhaps maybe the whole ship and crew were all simulations on a computer, and because humans had destroyed the environment, this was all that was left for humanity- to be simulations on a computer. Or maybe a plague has made the earth inhospitable- so they are living in the life boat. But by the end of the second episode, I still can't really figure out what their purpose is.

The show has way too much sex- and not enough science. Aren't there supposed to be a lot of smart, intelligent scientists on this ship?

I have one more episode to watch. And then I have to watch the finale of the Colbert Report. I will really miss him. I wonder what he will do with the late show. It will be interesting to see him "out of character."


Unknown said...

I am so glad for you!!!! What good news.

I am delaying watching the last Colbert so I can not have seen it...I'm going to miss it. I haven't watched as much since I moved over here because I watch online and my internet wasn't liking it much but we got that fixed and I've been enjoying watching a lot of my favorites (that I can remember).

Time to watch it though, right after meds and water. I do terrible things to my blood sugar when I get down b/c I forget to eat or drink and then my BS bottoms out and I wind up wondering why I have a migraine and feel so shaky. Today I at least had lunch (my mom took me and my nieces to a restaraunt) and a sandwich for supper but I've not had nearly enough water. I was thinking on the way home how glad I am to not have lithium making it dangerous to not drink enough when I don't remember.

I hope you get some really restful sleep tonight after your good appointment!

Unknown said...

I keep meaning to tell you that electronic documentation made life a million times better for me. I was taught to document initially on a computer on my first level II and then didn't do it again until my last job. It worked very well for me because I was taught to document everything and the electronic format lends itself to that. It also was much faster, much easier to make into a routine of documenting as I went or at least bullet points to expand on later and it was just much, much faster and so much more organized. I kept a small paper chart on each patient but it was just their hospital papers if they were sent, a couple of standardized test forms that I kept to document progress through tx, the directions to their home, any screens I did like a depression inventory, faxes and responses from drs, and a calendar that showed the visit pattern. So nothing that was very important. And it was just a few charts so I didn't feel like I was sinking under 20 1/4" thick piles of paper plus all the papers that needed to be added to those papers.

I think it changed from my needing to do extra documentation several days per week for an hour or two (and probably more than that) to doing about an hour at home most days, sometimes less, sometimes more depending on evals. Evals with the computer are still kind of tough, esp. when you do ROM measurements and have to go back and forth. My PT's program seems to accomodate that well though; it was a chart on the program I used and it was hard to fill it in sometimes.

The PTs were I have been going seem to get nearly all documentation done during the session. I think they have really good programs. They seem to have a lot of pre-filled in based on prior visits areas that they then add to based on the current visit. It seems to be helpful with re-evals as well.

So that's my experience but hopefuly it will help you too.