Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I saw the surgeon today

She was great- really down to earth. This is nothing to worry about. It was a very small area of calcification. It probably isn't cancer, but if it is it is in the earliest stages and we can take care of it. So next Monday I am scheduled for a breast biopsy. Now all I have to do is move my patients. 

There is a part of me that thinks God wouldn't give me both bipolar and breast cancer. I know that is not rational- but there is that feeling. And then there is the thought that I could never have anything as trendy as breast cancer. If Sheryl Crow and Angelina Jolie have it, I probably don't. I know, not rational. They say bipolar is in these days, but no one is going around wearing ribbons for bipolar. I wonder what color they would be?

It is really a testament to the movement that breast cancer is so out there. Two taboo topics- breasts and cancer- and now people can't stop talking about it. Colon cancer doesn't seem to be doing as well in the PR department- even though it kills a lot of people too- maybe even more, I can't remember. And the evidence for colonoscopies is better than the evidence for mammograms.

My mom has offered to come up for the biopsy. But I don't know how she would manage it with my grandmother, even with the help they have. And I think I would just be reassuring my mom the whole time.She didn't even want me having this biopsy- she wants me to go the alternative route. So I said no. They said I can drive myself. But that I should stay home for the rest of the day. I had better go grocery shopping before hand.

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Unknown said...

This sounds good. When is the biopsy? Is it surgical or needle aspiration?

I think a bipolar ribbon would have to be tie-dye. With dots. And waves. And large black areas.

Congrats on the DBT group. I found a DBSA group about 45 minutes from here. I may try to go once I'm done with PT; it's too much now. I'm concerned though as they don't seem very organized; it takes months to get answers about where and when the group meets. So I'm not sure. I wish I could find a group that met the night I'm in the city to see Dr Mind.