Monday, April 13, 2015

A good day, a new therapist

I was visiting my brother and his family this past weekend- and I got to meet my new niece. I had a good time, and yet the depression peeked through a lot as well. But Sunday morning we spent a lot of time outdoors at an Arboretum. It was sunny. I think the company, the walking, the sun and nature did me good. Today I felt better than I have felt in months.

I also started with my new therapist today- and with my good mood found myself wondering if I had jumped the gun going back to therapy. But I like him, and he may have something new to try. Plus, as I have met my deductible for the year- it is the least of my expenses. The main thing I am giving up is time.

I thought I might feel strange with a male therapist- especially since it really hasn't worked out with the few male therapists I have seen in the past (although I don't know to what extent it was because of gender as it hasn't worked out with a lot of female therapists too). But I felt at ease with him.

But tonight I am tired. I am not walking or cleaning or doing anything productive or even fun. I think I will go to bed early and get up early. Then clean and walk before work. At least that is the plan.

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Unknown said...

Glad you had a decent weekend and met your new niece. Before you know it she'll be a toddler; I can't believe my baby niece will be 2 in August. I finally got to spend some quality time with her after not having much since I hurt my ankle last March and couldn't carry her safely so I haven't been alone with her for a year. It was so much fun.

For me it's always good if I feel good at all meeting a new therapist. When I started with Dr. Mind I actually had a friend holding me accountable to stick with him for 3 months before quitting because I've quit so many therapists after a few weeks because I hated them. Dr. Mind and I clicked pretty quickly (although several months in we had some arguments that I found startling). I have for some reason succeeded with a very precise description of therapist: male, PhD, Christian, 20 years older. The 2 that I've had have been very similar (actually both are 19 years older) in many ways and very different in others but that's just a combination that works well for me for some reason. It's strange because in general I don't relate well to men and mostly choose female doctors if there is a choice, but male therapists somehow meet some need for me.