Saturday, April 25, 2015

I just need more money

I think my computer is going. Maybe it is something simple- I should take it in to Staples and see if they can fix it. I hope so. But it is starting to shut off suddenly, for no reason. For a while it wasn't doing it too often, but now it is starting to do it very often. I am afraid that one day it won't start up. It is less than two years old, too young for this.

I don't want to have to buy I new computer. I still have to pay for my teeth. I just paid for a new car engine. I am hoping to replace my iphone 4 one of these days as it has no battery life anymore. I just need more money.

I can't believe that I was thinking of going away on vacation next month. I don't have the money. If I go anywhere it will be backpacking. I have the gear. That is probably what I will do.

I have to remember not to lean on my chin. It really hurts when I do because of the surgery. I keep forgetting. But otherwise I am just chilling- and giving myself permission to do just that. And that feels good. Maybe it is what I need. It is too bad that I have to get teeth pulled to have that.

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