Sunday, April 26, 2015

Med thoughts

I will see my psychiatrist in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure what I want to do med-wise. I think give Lunesta another go- the Ambien is not working, so I am taking klonopin with it, which makes no sense. Maybe I could just take Lunesta. I think it was stronger- although when I took it, I took 3mg, which is no longer recommended by the FDA.

I wish I could take nothing to sleep- but that hasn't been the case since I went on an MAOI. They gave me insomnia, I wound up taking something to sleep, and never broke the habit. Plus, since my crazy mania's, I am scared of insomnia now, in a way that I never used to be. I used to have a lot more tolerance for it. In fact, I used to use sleep deprivation as a way to pull myself out of a really bad mood- of course it wouldn't last, just until I next went to sleep. But it was something.

My other thoughts are switching Seroquel XR for Zyprexa. Or Lamictal for Zonegran. Or just stopping the Zonegran.

I am a little scared not to be taking an anticonvulsant. The one time in my adult life when I wasn't- I was on lithium instead- I had a seizure. They told me that was because of an interaction between two antidepressants and my levels were high. I never had another. But who knows? I take a huge dose of Effexor. I don't know if other drugs I take can lower your seizure threshold. I live somewhere where I have to drive to get anywhere. I don't want to have a seizure driving. But I don't want to take a drug I don't need to take, either. Maybe I need to talk to a neurologist. Because I don't know if I still need the Zonegran now that I am on lithium- or how low I can go if I want to prevent seizures.  Should I even be worried about that.

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Unknown said...

Have you considered Latuda? I've been reading about it and have known a few people who had really incredible results on it. I tried it once and didn't think it was great but I was in a terrible place and didn't give it much time. I'm hoping to start it and lower my Seroquel a little so that the next episode there is a little more space to move around than going to an extreme dose (which is only partly working). I remember it as a bit sedating but not intensely so. I definitely liked it better than LUnesta but I really hate Lunesta; there is a gene that makes it leave a terrible taste in the mouth for some people and I'm one of the lucky ones. Plus it doesn't work well for me but no sleepig pill does so that's no surprise.

Anyway, just a thought.