Saturday, April 25, 2015

If you are in a hole, keep digging

I just spent money I don't have, but I think it was well spent. After spending the weekend eating ice cream, mashed potatoes, and liverwurst (hey a body needs protein), I just ordered a nutra-ninja pro blender from Amazon. It is the cheapest of the alternatives that seems to do what I want to do: make green smoothies so I can get my veggies in without a lot of chewing. And I bet it could turn my frozen garlic steamed cauliflower into some awesome mashed garlic cauliflower.

I had heard of the Vitamix, but it is $400! Mine is under $100. I hope it works out. I read some reviews, it seems to be pretty good. The one thing I can't do is to mill nuts and grains on a dry setting into flour- but I think I can live without that- it is not like I have been doing that up to now!

The other thing I did was to sign up for HBO so that I could watch "Game of Thrones"- I just had to see it. And now I finally can- previously I have only watched it during their free weeks, and then I have binge watched it. And John Oliver's show is on HBO. That is really about it, though. Not much else. I finished watching the end of "Helix," and I wasn't crazy about the second season, but I like the way they left things at the end. I am still in the midst of watching "Dig," but I am caught up. Then there is "Orphan Black" on BBC which is really wild.

I sound like I do nothing but watch TV. Well, normally that is not true, but this weekend it was kind of true.

My mouth is scary looking. It is not just the missing teeth- it is all of the sutures he put in because of the bone grafting. The retainer I wear during the day which also has teeth for the missing ones is not comfortable. This process is going to be really long. But I think I will feel better once the sutures come out.

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