Friday, May 8, 2015

Beautiful weather, beautiful mood

The past couple of days the weather has been glorious, and so has my mood. Today, though, it started to go into that anxious place that it often does in the spring and I took a quarter milligram of klonopin- enough to take the edge off, but not enough to bring me down or make me sleepy. I have been having lots of trouble sleeping. I'm not really into hypomania territory, it is just how I often am in the spring.

It is probably the sunshine making me feel this good- but I don't want that to be it- because that means that it won't last. And last year I think I never really got out of the blues during the summer, not entirely. Perhaps this year I will.

Work is interesting, I have some interesting cases (but if you are a patient you don't necessarily want to be interesting, you want to be boring).  Paperwork is going somewhat better but I have to do a lot on the weekend to catch up from being so behind for so long.

I also have to do a lot of walking on the weekend to train for my 10K in July.

And I will probably watch some old Game of Thrones episodes. I have become obsessed with it now that I have HBO. I am watching the current season, even though I had only watched a few of the old episodes previously- whenever there was a free HBO week- and the I would watch youtube recaps. But now I want to watch all of the episodes so I can keep track of who is who- I might even read the books. Although the TV series isn't totally true to the books.

And I watched the last episode of Dig. I liked the series. It kind of wrapped up fast. But I loved the last scene with the calf- I just loved it. A great ending.

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Anonymous said...

I used to be offended that my mood was so clearly affected by the weather. Now I just resign myself to it and go on being my gloomy self. I seem to have so many triggers for depression that what's one more, right?

I hope you give a full account of your 10K. Running has helped me (though less lately).

I saw my regular doctor yesterday about an unrelated matter and told him I had unilaterally quit my Lexapro cold turkey. He didn't seem concerned by this at all. Makes me feel that I made the right choice. No benefit. All side effects. Each decision for me.