Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More lithium

Now that I have stopped taking all the Naproxen, I feel like I need more lithium. I suspect it really did raise my level, which made it easy to go down, but now that I am not taking it anymore my brain is not liking it. Time for more lithium.

Well, I am still on the lower Zonegran. I have something to hold on to. Something to confess to my psychiatrist too. And I am on the increased Zyprexa- which I think I will have to stay on until my next vacation or get fired because I can't not be good with my paperwork- and I will have a number of those days if I go down. And I haven't even decided if I am going down. I feel like I have fought that battle too many times- maybe this is where I stay. I seem to be tolerating the higher dose a lot better than I have in the past- not as spacey and I haven't even gained any weight recently.

I want to stop thinking about meds.

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