Monday, May 4, 2015

Don't watch Game of Thrones right before bed

And I wonder why I have insomnia. I know, I am supposed to have some soothing bedtime ritual. But I got home really late and had to eat dinner and had to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones before people started talking about it at work. So I ate dinner in front of the TV (another no-no). And now I can't sleep.

I saw my therapist again today. We are really going back in time a lot- which I had gotten away from, but it is what he does so I will give it a try. He does something called "schema therapy" which I haven't done before.

After that I had to drive to Costco to get my Provigil. As is so often the case, due to my inertia I waited until the last possible day- I'd be out tomorrow. It is a long drive, and hard to motivate myself to go. I stocked up on a bunch of groceries and bought a stir fry pan. I think every time I go to Costco I buy different things but spend the same amount of money- it is strange.

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