Sunday, May 10, 2015

First green smoothie

Since my dental surgery I have been eating horribly. I had to do something- I ordered a Ninja Pro blender. Last week I bought the ingredients for a green smoothie, and last night I prepped- cutting and measuring and putting things in freezer bags. This morning I opened my blender, and took one of the baggies out of the freezer. It was easy to blend it. But I was afraid I would hate it- I didn't, I loved it. I am a convert.

One apple, half a banana, a quarter of an avocado, 2 cups of spinach, a handful of walnuts, a small piece of ginger root and a cup of coconut water. It was really good- and the ginger root really helped. I was going to add a scoop of hemp protein powder but I forgot. It was filling enough without it- fat and fiber are really what I need to keep me full. But I'll try it next time and see how that goes.

What is next- am I going to start cooking again?

The last time I cooked regularly was a long time ago. And I was vegan at the time, so I kind of had to cook. I gave up on being vegan- even on vegetarianism- when I went on an MAOI. There were too many food restrictions on that. And I have never gone back, even though I am no longer taking an MAOI. Every now and then I still think that I should. But then I settle for trying to eat less meat.

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