Saturday, May 9, 2015

Messing with my mind

I am watching the Game of Thrones current season plus back episodes and now I have started reading the books. And I am at a different place in the books than the TV show. It is messing with my mind- I took a nap today and dreamed about Game of Thrones- but of course the story was all messed up.

But then I also dreamed that there was this co-worker at work who wanted to go exercise with me every day after work and we did- swimming. That was the more pragmatic dream, but still a fantasy.

This morning I had a very draining phone call with my mother who is not doing well emotionally, and still has pain that they haven't figured out what it is- and they won't give her pain meds. I think that is horrible. The ER gave her 3 days worth or so but her doctor won't give her pain meds. She is in so much pain it is really affecting her emotionally. And this has been going on for so long. Yes, people can become addicted to them, but she is on Coumadin and can't take the NSAIDs. But more tests Monday, and hopefully some answers. And something to do to help the pain.

But we live very far apart, I can't really do much. The few times I have called a doctor about her it hasn't done much.

I wonder if they won't give her pain meds because she has a psych history. That would be real discrimination and undertreatment of pain. I've been really lucky with healthcare providers recently- no one has made much of my psych meds or history- but that hasn't always been true. Perhaps the fact that I am now working in healthcare buys me some credibility.

I could Fedex her the leftover pain meds I have from my dental surgery- but I think that is a felony.

My mom is someone I would worry about if she took them too long- but until they figure this out I think short term use is okay. Being in this much pain is not OK.

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