Saturday, May 30, 2015

Still feeling better

I got briefly off-track at the end of the week when I decided that I would be more "efficient" if I ate lunch at work and did notes instead of walking over to the hospital cafeteria and eating there- which has been a big achievement for me. But I have had a lot of appointments recently and could not stay late/go in early as I normally do and so notes have snowballed and I got scared and stayed.

The problem is that I wasn't more efficient. And by Friday I was feeling very spacy every time I tried to do my notes. I needed to get out, get exercise, get sunshine. So I will return to going out for lunch.

Otherwise I am still feeling better. Work is incredibly busy- and I have a lot of new patients- some very interesting (in the sense that you do not want to be an interesting patient, you want to be boring). I had to get out my anatomy books. But I like interesting.

Normally I get half an hour for notes each day (not nearly enough). But I am having to treat during this time to get some eval's in recently. And double booking, etc. We are really busy. And I have a patient I need to find a way to give one-on-one time. And he needs evening hours. And I only work two evenings a week- and a lot of people need evening hours.

Management wants us to be totally booked. The problem is that, long before every slot is filled- and really, almost all of mine are- it gets to the point where patients cannot get times that they can make, and they aren't happy. And I will double book people or agree to see them less frequently, and we lose money. But management will say that we aren't at full capacity so we aren't being efficient. And because we therapists do our own scheduling, the patients aren't happy with us.

The lack of office support is the main complaint about my job that I have, the main reason I would think of leaving. 

Today I am going into work to do notes. I scheduled an acupuncture session at noon to make sure that I get out. And I will be blissful when I do my notes!

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