Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back from sunny Florida- almost had a nervous breakdown at the airport

I had a really good week in Florida. I got a lot of sun. I walked on the beach. I swam in the pool. I went to an Everglades preserve. I went to a Japanese museum and gardens. I did a lot of reading. I spent time with my dad and step mother. I relaxed. The depression lifted.

And then I came back and couldn't find my car in the airport parking lot! Well, it turns out that I had gone to the wrong parking lot. And I had very helpfully left my ticket in my car so that I wouldn't lose it. But I was sure it was in this one lot- and I walked it twice- the second time with tears streaming down my face- wondering if it had been towed or stolen- before I started to wonder if I could be in the wrong lot. I went to the other lot- and of course my car was there.

I think I am finally recovering from this experience. At least I got my exercise today.

Tomorrow it is back to work. Tomorrow it is going to snow! But I am grateful for the small gift of temperatures in the 40's today when I got back from Florida. It wasn't too much of a shock to my system. And I didn't freeze while searching for my car.

What do I take away from my Florida week? The reminder that I need sun shine and nature. The day I really felt my depression break was walking in the Everglades preserve.

It is a strange world, however, the retirement communities of Florida and the larger community that caters to it. But something felt like it was missing. It wasn't complete. But maybe I just say that because I am still to young to move into a place like that. My dad and step mom have become Snow Birds, renting a condo in a retirement community- but I can't see them living there full time for a long time (I hope). It is too small a world.

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